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FREE Naloxone (NARCAN)

What is naloxone nasal spray?

Naloxone nasal spray is a prescription medicine used for the treatment of a known or suspected opioid overdose emergency.

Opioid overdoses are characterized by signs of breathing problems, blue skin, lips, and fingertips, and severe sleepiness or not being able to respond.

Naloxone nasal spray is to be given right away, but does not take the place of emergency medical care. Get emergency medical help right away after giving the first dose of naloxone nasal spray, even if the person wakes up.

Naloxone is safe and effective in children for known or suspected opioid overdose.

The medicine in naloxone cannot make you high and cannot harm people who are not taking opioid medicines.

Who needs naloxone nasal spray?

Everyone should carry naloxone.

People prescribed opioid pain relievers and their family members.

People who are prescribed medicines to treat opioid us disorders.

Make sure someone knows where your naloxone is.

When to use naloxone nasal spray?

Use naloxone nasal spray right away if you or your caregiver believe symptoms of an opioid overdose are present, even if you are not sure, because an opioid overdose can cause severe injury or death.

Signs and symptoms of an opioid overdose may include:


Skin, fingertips and lips look blue


Body very limp, face very pale


Slow, irregular, or no pulse


Throwing up


Passing out


Choking, gurgling, snoring sounds


Slow irregular breath, not breathing


Awake but not able to respond


Black circle in the center of the colored part of the eye (pupil) is very small, sometimes called “pinpoint pupils,” in someone difficult to awaken.


Family members, caregivers, or other people who may have to use Naloxone nasal spray in an opioid overdose should know where naloxone nasal spray is stored and how to give Naloxone nasal spray before and overdose happens.

Get emergency medical help right away after giving the first dose of Naloxone nasal spray. Rescue breathing or CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) may be given while waiting for emergency medical help. The signs and symptoms of an opioid overdose can return after Naloxone nasal spray is given. If this happens, give another dose after 2 to 3 minutes using a new Naloxone nasal spray device and watch the person closely until emergency help is received.

The Mercer County Health Department is accepting applications for a full time Public Health Nurse I
General Duties include:
This position serves under the direction of the Director. Responsibilities for this position include, but are not limited to: Provides entry-level nursing functions and services to individuals and families under close supervision in a clinic or community setting, focusing on the prevention of illness, injury or disability, the promotion of health and maintenance of the health of populations. The nurse in this classification would receive job specific training in the requirements and scope of practice of the various assigned health department programs and services.Health department services are provided to all age populations. A brief description of health department services include adult and child immunizations, well child examinations, family planning exams, WIC services/promotion, dental varnish for children, pandemic response, public health preparedness, basic patient care, harm reduction services and promotion of the health department within the community.
Minimum Education, Training or Experience:
See special requirements.
Special Requirements:
(Age, Licensure, Regulation, Etc.) Must have RN license in Kentucky or compact state or provisional license in Kentucky, meeting all requirements of KRS 314.041.
Starting Salary:
$20.30-$25.24/hr negotiable with additional experience. Grade 17
Apply at https://KOG.CHFS.KY.GOV/HOME. Create a citizen account and search LHDCOS (search and apply) Completed application must be submitted by November 11, 2022. Transcripts must be provided before the close date if post-secondary education is required or may be substituted for experience. Transcripts must list the degree awarded.  Qualified applicants/employees are subject to a pre-screening, selection for interview, and/or demonstration of skills testing.  Employment may be contingent upon a successful drug screening and background check.  Equal Opportunity Employer.